My World

My World

Monday, December 15, 2008

It is a boy!

Well, we are for sure having a boy! We are all very excited, especially little scott. The only problem we have is trying to figure out a name for the little guy. We usually have no problems coming up with a name but this one has us stumped. I guess we have till march to figure it out.

Friday, December 12, 2008

ipod kids

So our kids love music so we let they hang out with the ipods every once in a while. They are so funny with them, singing at the top of their lugs and shaking their bums. It is fun to capture their moments! We will have to record Maddyson some time because she really gets into the music. She is our Drama Queen and we love her!!

Ok so this isn't the kids but man is he ever so sexy!! I love you babe!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ready for Christmas?

We had fun putting up the tree and the kids were a pretty good help this year. Maddyson wanted to be in charge of everything and in a couple years I am sure she will be running the show. She loves decorating for Christmas! She takes after me! I think once I moved out of my parents house the decorating was cut in half and it doesn't get done till about a week before Christmas.

Thanksgiving Fun

We had a fun time spending Thanksgiving with our good friends Jon, Adrianna, and little Jon Edens. It was fun to see there new place and to see how much Little Jon has grown up.

What a cute family! Thanks for having us over guys, you are amazing!

Our attempt at a nice family photo before we went out the door. This is the best we could get I think.

The kids loved little Jon and he liked them for the most part. He probably enjoyed having a quiet house after we left though. He was so much fun! I have found that when the baby comes McKayl is not going to leave him alone.