My World

My World

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orleans

This was our latest trip just before Maddyson started school. We went to New Orleans and it was quite interesting. I can't say I loved it but it was a new experience I will not forget. We went down the famous Bourbon street and it was worse then the Vegas strip. The rest of down town had some really cool architecture and tons of history so that made up for the trash other places.

As you can tell everyone else loved it too!! The kids were a little hot at this point and they were ready to go back to the hotel and swim. Don't visit in the Summer unless you love humidity and lots of heat. They were happy in the shade!!
This is the mighty Mississippi behind us and while we were there they had a bit of an oil spill so it was kind of a busy river.
The Balloon clown was fun and the kids balloons lasted about a day of course. It was a better record then some of the other children around us so at least we got them that long
The beads were sold just about everywhere you went. They had a ton of different sizes and styles. Did we buy some for our kids??? NO. We know what happens once we get home and once we got to the hotel they didn't even remember they had asked for one. Kids are great!!

Coming back

This was one of our stops on our drive back to Atlanta after staying in Pocatello for about 5-6 weeks. We tried to stop and see as much as we could.
The kids and I with Devils Tower in the back ground. It is at the edge of Wyoming just before you enter South Dakota.
Terrence and the kids posing in front of Mount Rushmore! The kids did not love every stop but they put up with it.
It was a little tricky to get this shot but I just couldn't pass it up. everyone but Maddyson passed out.
This was at Buffalo Bill Dam right by Cody, Wy. They had a ton of water coming out that thing and they said it was the most they had in years. The sun was a little bright!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing outside

This is our beautiful Maddyson who loves to be in front of the camera. We miss her all day now that she is in school and we can't wait to go pick her up at the bus stop.

This is our handsome boy Scott and man does he keep the house lively! He loves everything sports and of course you can't forget those braves!!
This is me playing with sidewalk chalk with the kids. It is fun to have an excuse to play with the kid toys. Being a mom is great!!
Our little ball of sunshine McKayl! What would we do without our little mother keeping us posted on everything. Don't ask me where the curls some from?!
My wonderful husband out enjoying his latest new toy. Except this time I am using the camera so we have memories of him too. He is sooooo cute!!