My World

My World

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandma and Papa come to visit!

My parents came to visit this week and we had so much fun having them here. My mom has come to visit but this was a first for my dad. The kids loved having Grandma a Papa's attention all day. I think they loved it better then Christmas. Here are some fun pictures of the kids playing and having fun!

sleepy heads

My kids decided to fall asleep in some weird places so of course I had to take pictures. They are so adorable when they sleep.

He doesn't like quiet time by himself so he curled up by the couch (not on the couch) to take a little nap.
This one is on the time out stool. I guess I may have left her there a little too long.

This was at the kitchen table. She was refusing to eat so she fell asleep protesting. This is my favorite picture of all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scott's 4th Birthday

Scott is finally the big 4!! He is always so eager for his birthday because the rest of us have our birthdays in the summer. We had fun playing with his dump truck and Lego's, he has been wanting both for a while so he loved it. He also loved his cake which we had fun putting together for him the night before. Decorating birthday cakes is fun but I can never get them just how I want them. Such is life! Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

Christmas fun

We had a very fun Christmas this year and the kids loved tearing open the gifts they had to wait so long to open. We spent our Christmas Eve with Warren and Bonnie Lucas and their girls. We had good food and fun times. The Schares were also there and they spent time with us most of Christmas day. The holidays were alot of fun and we are always glad to have pictures to remind of us all the fun times.