My World

My World

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boating with the family!

Oh how nice it is to have fun with family again!! We have been busy, busy with family but alot of fun. The kids love playing with there cousins and I love seeing my siblings. This boating trip was at a pretty place called Walcot just outside Burly, Idaho. Terrence is at the front of the boat, Dave (brother-in-law) is driving, Braden hanging on with the hat backwards, J.D. pointing, Steven in orange, and Scott in the red life vest.

This is a fun picture of my sister Amanda playing with little baby Cody. He is such a cooer!

Maddyson with her cousins Steven and Jordan. These are 3 our 6 year old group of cousins. My sister and I all had babies with in a year.

That is kind of a funny face.

She loves this swimming suite and would wear it all day everyday if I let her.