My World

My World

Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Home!!

So I don't just write for my blog very ofter because I am not very good at it. Pictures tell way more then I can put in words but today, and everyday since I left Idaho, I am feeling homesick. I don't know why but when I get back to Georgia after being in Idaho for a month I just want to turn around and head back. I feel guilty because I love all the friends I have here, and if it weren't for friends I would have never made it this long, but I just love my mountains, no humidity, and being close to family. So I guess to sum it up, THANKS SO MUCH to all the amazing friends I have met out here and when I get a chance to go back west know that I will miss you but not Georgia!! OK so I decided to add a picture of one of my fun ventures up to my sisters house while I was in Idaho.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunny Savannah

We had a ton of fun in Savannah hitting the beach, and walking around by the river. We were worn out at the end of everyday. I can't concentrate enough to say more then that so the pictures will show you the rest.

Scott loves cars and he would usually be smiling from ear to ear, but he was tired of walking so that is the best we could get.

We couldn't get Cody to look up. All he cared about was picking up that sand and putting it in his face. He really enjoyed it!

Our sand castle. The kids thought it was cool.
She is ready for Bay Watch

Some how we got him to look up for one good picture. He was fun and dirty.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soooooooooo BIG!

Where does time go? My little guy is all ready 5 months old and he wants to do everything his brother and sisters are doing. So far he is just sitting up and I am enjoying that because I know once the rolling and crawling come in I am in trouble. There is always a marble, barbie shoe, piece of food, and whatever else lying around on the floor that I will have to keep out of his mouth. But for know I just enjoy his handsome smile and snuggle as much as possible.

Oh boy this little guy loves his daddy!! When I am holding him he just watches every move his daddy makes and flaps his arms like crazy trying to get his attention. Good thing his daddy is a sucker for Cody's cute little smile.