My World

My World

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the move

Well I know that most of you have read this on facebook but those who haven't we are moving to Dallas, Texas. Terrence got a job promotion so he will now be an account manager. We are all very excited!! The kids and I will be staying in Idaho to finish Maddyson up in school and give Terrence some time to figure out the new position. Thank you to all the amazing friends we have made here in Georgia, I would not have made it the last 3 1/2 years without you!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little moments

Well what can I say, life is good!! Among all the craziness life brings I always try to stop and take in the sweet moments my kids will give me. McKayl is my sensitive fun loving girl who requires hugs randomly throughout the day so I try to take them in as much as possible. Cody is crazy and all over the place. I find random toys to pick up all over the house. I just love his sweet smile and chubby cheeks. Scott wants to play, play, play but he wants someone along for the fun. He is always asking me to build with Lego's or blocks, color, or his favorite is the Wii. He has an amazing laugh and wonderful dimples to go along with it. Maddyson does all she can to get everything in she missed out on while she was at school. It still amazes me to hear her reading. I love her fun imagination and how she is always trying to help me out on my hard days. It is just amazing to be a mom!!! I always hope I can take moments to just take it all in.