My World

My World

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing outside

This is our beautiful Maddyson who loves to be in front of the camera. We miss her all day now that she is in school and we can't wait to go pick her up at the bus stop.

This is our handsome boy Scott and man does he keep the house lively! He loves everything sports and of course you can't forget those braves!!
This is me playing with sidewalk chalk with the kids. It is fun to have an excuse to play with the kid toys. Being a mom is great!!
Our little ball of sunshine McKayl! What would we do without our little mother keeping us posted on everything. Don't ask me where the curls some from?!
My wonderful husband out enjoying his latest new toy. Except this time I am using the camera so we have memories of him too. He is sooooo cute!!


Jon Edens said...

You guys are the Griswalds of the 21st century! I particularly enjoy the photo in front of Rushmore, because I myself have never been. Well, at least I was enjoying it until Adriana asked me who the presidents were that are carved into the mountain - at which point I felt a combination of embarrassment and agitation.

Anyhoo, now that we're in the new place, we'd like to have you guys come up and stay with us for the weekend! Terrence, you can even mow my lawn!

Keep in touch,


Millers said...

Looks like vacationing was fun. I love the picture of Maddy, she is so pretty. I can't believe all day school already, and she rides the bus!! That is awesome. Jordyn can't wait for school to start. I like the blog. It looks good! Love and miss you guys!!