My World

My World

Friday, May 15, 2009

Life is good!

I am a slacker when it comes to bogging but maybe someday life will slow down a little. No who am I kidding, life just keeps going faster everyday. There ia always Laundry to be done, dishes to wash, floors to vacuum, clothes to go through, surfaces to dust, and bills to pay. I am sure I left out a few hundred other things but that covers most of my life. But at least through it all I have 4 beautiful children to remind me why I do what I do. Then it makes all of the chores worth it. And besides in about 3 more years or so they will start pulling their weight as well. Won't that be nice! So anyway here are some pictures of my kids being well, kids!

Our fist family picture with Cody! What I love the most is that this captures how life really is.

This is one of my favorite times, when my baby starts to smile a goo. He is so preciouse!

Crazy Scott with a nice pink stain on his undershirt. Koolaid is a killer!

McKayl with her super curls. The humidity helps alot with that.

Maddyson our little model. She is almos done with kindergarten and boy are we ready for summer! No More Alarm Clock!!!!!!!!


iNdiaNa said...

Slacker? How about you just had a baby!! So tell me, is four that much harder than three? I don't know if we would ever dare make the leap! And we should def get together some time. Kenna would LOVE to have a girl playdate! We really don't have much going on other than random things here and there...

Becky said...

Cody is so cute. I love it when they start smileing to.Babys are just so sweet!

Likes Chocolate said...

He is adorable. I saw you in the airport about 2 weeks ago. You must have been coming back from Idaho. I tried to say hello, but you just kept walking and I had to go in the other direction to catch my flight. Hope you had a good trip.