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My World

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grandma and Papa come to visit!

My parents came to visit this week and we had so much fun having them here. My mom has come to visit but this was a first for my dad. The kids loved having Grandma a Papa's attention all day. I think they loved it better then Christmas. Here are some fun pictures of the kids playing and having fun!


Lillian D'Ann Miskin said...

I seriously thought that picture of McKayl was Maddy at first...crazy! Glad you had fun. Aren't grandparents wonderful?

Likes Chocolate said...

How are you guys? I hope all is going well for you guys.

Likes Chocolate said...

You should join us one time for playgroup on Tuesday.

Millers said...

Oh, how cute. Everyone loves grandma and papa. It looks like it was so much fun!