My World

My World

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scott's 4th Birthday

Scott is finally the big 4!! He is always so eager for his birthday because the rest of us have our birthdays in the summer. We had fun playing with his dump truck and Lego's, he has been wanting both for a while so he loved it. He also loved his cake which we had fun putting together for him the night before. Decorating birthday cakes is fun but I can never get them just how I want them. Such is life! Happy Birthday Scott!!!!


Melinda and Matt said...

happy birthday Scott!! Melissa--I just saw that you are on facebook (from your comment on Audra's blog)--add me to your friends--I tried to find you but there are a ton of Melissa Campbells!

Millers said...

It looks like his birthday was so much fun.