My World

My World

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunny Savannah

We had a ton of fun in Savannah hitting the beach, and walking around by the river. We were worn out at the end of everyday. I can't concentrate enough to say more then that so the pictures will show you the rest.

Scott loves cars and he would usually be smiling from ear to ear, but he was tired of walking so that is the best we could get.

We couldn't get Cody to look up. All he cared about was picking up that sand and putting it in his face. He really enjoyed it!

Our sand castle. The kids thought it was cool.
She is ready for Bay Watch

Some how we got him to look up for one good picture. He was fun and dirty.


likeschocolate said...

Savannah is a great city. I hope you guys tried Paula Deans restaurant it is the best restaurant in the south.

Lillian D'Ann Miskin said...

Fun fun fun! Your kids are so cute...I can't believe you have 4, and you look so great! Miss you guys.