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My World

Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Home!!

So I don't just write for my blog very ofter because I am not very good at it. Pictures tell way more then I can put in words but today, and everyday since I left Idaho, I am feeling homesick. I don't know why but when I get back to Georgia after being in Idaho for a month I just want to turn around and head back. I feel guilty because I love all the friends I have here, and if it weren't for friends I would have never made it this long, but I just love my mountains, no humidity, and being close to family. So I guess to sum it up, THANKS SO MUCH to all the amazing friends I have met out here and when I get a chance to go back west know that I will miss you but not Georgia!! OK so I decided to add a picture of one of my fun ventures up to my sisters house while I was in Idaho.


likeschocolate said...

Sorry you are so homesick.

Millers said...

Ohhhhh, don't make me cry. I like the picture a lot. But, I know what you mean, I miss being by family. But, hopefully it is in the near future. Love and miss you sister!!!!!!