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My World

Friday, September 19, 2008

Smoky Mountains

We just took a fun family trip up to the Smoky Mountains and it was beautiful!! It was my birthday present and I must say I almost loved every minute of it. The only part I could have gone without was the leaky tent and all night of rain. I told suggested to Terrence that we should put up the tarp but of course the weather was beautiful so he felt no need to do that. As many years as I have been camping I should have insisted but I didn't and we paid the price with no sleep and wet everything in the morning.

The hikes were fun and the views were amazing!! The kids loved playing in the dirt and being free to do just about anything. They were a little worried about bears because everywhere we went their were signs cautioning you about them. We did have the opportunity to see two baby cube and they were really cute. Of course we kept our distance to be sure mama bear was not around.

After 2 days of camping Terrence decided it was time for a hotel so we stayed in a tourist town called Gatlinburg in Tennessee. It was fun to walk around town and see the small shops. The kids loved watching the taffy get stretched and wrapped up so of course we had to go in a buy some to see how good it was. So to sum it up we had a great time and I would love to go back soon!

I will post pictures of the trip when my hubby returns from Utah with them. He always has my pitures!

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Lillian D'Ann said...

Yay! Fun the way Happy Bday! I can't believe your kids when I see pictures. Espescially McKayl! Also congrats on the baby news...keep us posted.