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My World

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

smoky pics

This was a fun hike we enjoyed but did not finish. It was about 2 miles there and another 2 miles back so we just hiked about a mile and headed back. It was a nature trail so lots of roots, rocks, and whatever else came along. It was very beautiful!
Now this hike we did finish and the kids were excited to see the waterfall at the end. We also had the opportunity to see some baby cubs on this hike. The weather was perfect!
This was just a fun spot to take a family picture so we did. Not very often there is a sign with your name on it.

The kids loved this and Terrence put quite a bit of time into getting the Jiffypop to come out just right. It was just like it came out of the microwave. Usually half the popcorn gets burnt so we were lucky. Poor Scott really needed to go potty but he made it through the picture with the trickling stream noises and all.

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